Northants v Beds Intercounty postal Frostbite

Dear All

Following on from our very successful previous postal matches, we, as the heading suggests, in collaboration with Northants, have arranged another intercounty match. Details as follows.

We are hoping that all BCAA clubs and archers will be able to take part. Please distribute to all your archers pointing out that included for this year are the 2 junior distances.

1 Round to be shot: Frostbite, Adult, 36 arrows at 30 metres. Under 14, 36 arrows at 20 metres. Under 12, 36 arrows at 15 metres all on the 80cm face.

2 Eligible archers: All genders and ages. If a junior please give your age, gender and the distance shot.

3 Bow Styles: All

4 When to be shot: Start 1st Nov. Last day for scores to be shot 31st March 2024. Could the team reps please submit all scores to Terry at by the 6th of April.

5 How round is to be shot. All 3 dozen shot in the same session. As many times as you wish within the time. We just want each individual highest score.

6 Record all the scores as you would normally, X`s, 10`s and so on. Please submit the final score totals only (not each individual arrow value) in the normal format, including the following information. Archer, Gender. Club. Bow Style. Senior/Junior (if junior age and which junior distance shot)

Example: Jane Doe. Female. Middle Earth. Longbow. Senior. X `s = 59. 10`s = 13. Score = 720.

7 All the scores will be on trust. Please get a witness to verify your score. We will be watching you.

8 The final team members and numbers of archers for each bow style gender etc will will be chosen in March.

Suzi & Terry BCAA Team Management.

Clophill announce spring WA720 weekend

27th Clophill AC Double WA 720 Weekend (Spring)
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2024
To be held at Braziers Field, Kiln Lane, Clophill, Bedfordshire
(to the rear of Clophill Village Hall, MK45 4BX)
what3words Location – target.spells.ignore
World Record Status
Field Open 07:00, Registration From 07:45, Assembly 08:30,
Practice 08:45 – 09:30, Competition Start 09:30

202404 – Spring WA720 Weekend Double Double – Entry Form

Results for this year’s (2023) postal County Championships

Greetings !
Please find attached the results for this year’s postal County Championships.

BCAA 2023 Outdoor Champs – American rounds 12-13 Aug 2023 results version 1

Last year we had 19 County archers of which 17 actually shot at Kestrels Double National.

This year we had 43 archers involved from six of our eight BCAA-affiliated clubs.

The real disappointment was that only three juniors participated despite the availability of shorter “American” rounds.

Thanks to all who submitted scores. The two days were similar; the Saturday was quite windy and the Sunday was perhaps less windy but with stronger gusts. Both days were quite warm.

Medals will be presented at the BCAA AGM in November.

Please apply for postal county records using the County website. All the juniors should be eligible for records. All the top scorers in each discipline will count but I am unclear whether there will be a distinction between 50+/Senior/U21. Hopefully Martin Gascoigne, our County Records Officer will be able to clarify on this.

Thanks to all archers who took part and to those who organised their club event and submitted scores. Not an ideal situation, I appreciate, but we have got the Champs done and more archers were involved.

Best wishes
BCAA Chairman