Daily archives: June 22, 2017

Eagles Host a Stunning have a go.

On Sunday 18th June  Eagle Bowman of Bedford invited members of the local community to take part in AGB’s Big Weekend.  A number of bosses were set up from traditional faces through to a field set up.  To top it all off we had a dart board challenge.
The refreshment marque as you can imagine was very popular due to the heat of the day. Serving not only drinks but a number of cakes supplied by members of the club.

We were very keen not to just do a have a go, so the normal club shot on the day as well, all in the name to aspire goals in the potential new archers.
We answered a lot of questions of Can I shoot that far?  Can I become that good?

63 people came and tried archery with the Eagles, and as a consequence we have had to put on another beginners course.

To top the day off we had a visit from Aaron from the AGB Development Team. Who enjoyed the afternoon with us and met not only the coaches but also the membership, even signing off on members 252 scores.