BCAA WA 1440 2019 Results

Date: 20th & 21st July 2019

Rounds: Single and Double WA 1440 & Metric Rounds

Weather: Despite the forecast, it remained dry all weekend. Saturday was very windy. Sunday was warm with a light breeze that increased to moderate during the day.

Results list: BCAA WA 1440 2019 Results.docx

Message from the organiser:

I would like to thank all the archers who attended, making the tournament such a success. I was pleased that so many of you come back year after year and I would love to see all of you at next year’s tournament (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19st July 2020). This was the first year we used the ianseo software, thank you for bearing with us while we learned the new system and its foibles. As ever I would welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve the tournament.

I would like to thank the judges and the work party for contributing to the success of the weekend. I would also like to thank the Lord Paramount, Bob Tonkin for his help and support over the weekend and the many years he has attended this event.