Bedfordshire County Archery Association – Outdoor County Championships.

At the BCAA Committee Meeting in July it was agreed that this year’s County Championships will be a postal American competition to be shot during the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August 2023.

This gives us the best opportunity to hold the County Championships this year, to make the event easily accessible to all archers in the County, and to provide a round that is a little bit out of the ordinary and appealing to all age groups.

By shooting a postal competition, we have no need to book a field, and club archers can shoot at their own familiar ground. You have a choice of days when the round can be shot. The American round is 2½ dozen arrows shot at three distances making a total of 7½ dozen shot at the large 122-cm face, 5-zone scoring. We have thought about the distances involved and have come up with a suite of “American” rounds suitable for all age groups.

Please use the attached score sheet. It includes the distances that the juniors will be shooting. Please cross-score so that you do not record your own arrow values. There is a “J” column but as it’s a postal round there may not be a judge present to initial any arrow value changes. Either elect a club “judge” or get a fellow archer on your boss to initial any changes.

2023 County Champs American Score Sheet

All scores (but not the actual score sheets) must be submitted to the County Chairman ( by end of day on Friday 18th August. Archers may shoot one round on the Saturday or Sunday, not BOTH days, and with only one bow style. Please list in the club’s results:

archer name, M/F, bow style, age (if junior i.e., under-18), round shot, score, hits, golds.

Clubs which are unable to shoot outdoors are invited to request help from their neighbouring clubs.

The County Champions will be presented with medals at the BCAA AGM in November. Record claims for the postal round may be made in the normal way.

Best wishes and good luck.


Mike Collins

BCAA Chairman