Woodside Worcester March 2024 – results

Greetings !
Here are the preliminary results. Please check this agrees with what you sent me.
So, five of our eight clubs participated with 57 archers involved.
The juniors and seniors are lumped together as the juniors can hold their own against allcomers. Well done!
If you are the highest scorer in your discipline and age group you may wish to contact Martin Gascoigne, the County Records Officer, and claim a postal county record.
Thanks to you and your clubmates for taking part in this year’s event.
Looking forward to the outdoor season and other county-wide events.

Beds Woodside 14y Worcester 2024 results version 1

BCAA sub-committee to deal with re-siting of County Store

BCAA sub-committee to deal with re-siting of County Store


At last week’s Committee meeting it was agreed that I would convene a sub-committee (not a “working party” as I have been calling it incorrectly) to decide what we need to do about moving the County’s equipment.

Background.    We need to have the County Store at a location where we can also hold County competitions and inter-county events. At present the County Store is housed at Redborne School in Ampthill but their field, which we used for many years, is now hired out as three football pitches. Bookings at Redborne are made through the School Hire system which makes the booking of the “whole field” difficult. To complicate matters, attempts to hire the field for a typical 12-dozen round plus presentation of medals, for instance, required overtime payment to the site agent(s).

Sub-committee.            The BCAA Constitution (Version 8) states:

  • The Committee may at any time set up or dissolve standing or ad hoc sub-committees and delegate to such sub-committees such powers and responsibilities as it shall think fit. All acts and proceedings of such sub-committees must be reported to the Committee as soon as possible.

I would be most grateful if members of the BCAA Committee plus any other County-affiliated club members would be so kind as to volunteer their time and expertise to help me form a sub-committee to deal with this matter.

Pepperstock Archers.                Following my initial request to see if any BCAA-affiliated clubs would be prepared to host the County equipment, Pepperstock have indicated that they may be able to help. I am hoping that at least two Pepperstock members get involved.

Hawks Archery Club. Hawks use the County container at Redborne to store their equipment and keep a watchful eye on our store. Stuart Fuller at Hawks is also the County Equipment Officer. I am hoping that Stuart will take an active role on this sub-committee.

Availability.      Please would you be so kind as to let me know who in your club would be available to attend a sub-committee meeting on Zoom? There would be agenda for the meeting and the minutes would be reported back to the main BCAA Committee.

Please would you let me know names, e-mail addresses (if I am not already in contact), and if you can make any of the following evenings:

Monday 8, Wednesday 10, Monday 15, Wednesday 17, or Thursday 18 April 2024. BCAA Committee meetings start at 8:00 p.m.

Best wishes


Mike Collins

BCAA Chairman

County Team Get Together at Kestrel Archery Club

Hi everyone

On Saturday 20th April there will be a County Team Get Together at Kestrel Archery Clubs field on Furzenhall road Biggleswade. This is a chance for any archers who are interested in knowing more about the County Team and how to take part in County Shoots.

The format of the event will be a short round and then time afterwards to talk to other archers and the Team Managers about any archery help/advice you would like.

It is planned to start at 10.30am (so please arrive by 10.00am) and should finish between 12.00 and 1.00pm.

Could you please pass this information on to your members. Thank you.


Lorraine Tebbs