Presidents & Pairs 2019

Each year Bedfordshire clubs take part in the Presidents and Pairs.
This is a relaxed and fun shoot with a touch of competitiveness and, of course, trophies for the winners.
You will see from the details below that this is not your normal shoot so I hope that as many archers as possible will come along and make it a great day out.

This year it will take part at Kestrels outdoor field, Furzenhall Road, Biggleswade on Sunday June 30th.
Shooting will begin at 11am. Assembly at 10:45.
The rounds to be shot are a Western and Junior Western, depending on age.

This is a County event hosted by Kestrels – Your help is therefore appreciated in setting up and putting away.

There is registration and a small amount of administration to be handled so please be there in plenty of time.
There is no fee for this event.

Can you please complete the details below for each archer who would like to compete and send to by 27th June.

There are a number of “team” and pairs trophies for this event. These are shown below – groupings may be decided on the day prior to shooting but if you would like to select your partners beforehand please agree with them and give the names on your reply.

Longbow team – 2 archers from the same club
Recurve team – 5 archers from the same club
Compound team – 2 archers from the same club
Pairs Recurve – 2 archers from any club in the county (handicapped)
Pairs Compound – 2 archers from any club in the county (handicapped)
Presidents Recurve – 5 archers from the same club (no more than 3 who are first class or better)
Presidents Compound – 3 archers from the same club (no more than 1 who is bowman or better)

In recognition of the number of barebow archers in the County we will also recognise a Barebow Team – 2 archers from the same club.

Name :
Gender (Female/Male) :
Age Group (Senior/Junior) :
Bow Type (Recurve/Compound/Barebow/Longbow) :
Club Name :
Handicap (1-100) :                  Classification (3rd, 2nd, 1st, Bowman, M Bowman, GMB) :
Disability (if any) :

GDPR Statement : When you enter this competition, the data captured and the uses of the data is specified in the Archery GB Standard Administrative Procedures. The data includes, but is not limited to, First Name, Surname, Gender, Bow style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email,  Club (and ID), County (and ID), Round (unless defined by age), Disabled (Y/N), Disability info. The uses of the entry data include publication of target lists, results sheet and the submission of data for ranking purposes. The data may be shared with Archery GB, tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors.

New Records Set

Congratulations to all the archers setting new County records.

Well done!
Archer Round Category Bow Score
Mary Louca Double WA 1440 Lady Barebow 1668
Mary Louca Double Portsmouth Lady Barebow 1059
Lesley Brown Double Portsmouth Lady Compound 1151
Jacqueline Hunt WA18 Lady Barebow 495
Hayden Ledwick WA18 – 3 spot Junior Gent Recurve 559
Mary Louca Portsmouth Lady Barebow 541
Mary Louca Vegas Lady Barebow 486

Northants County Level 2 Course

Northants County Archery Society are hosting a Level 2 Coaching Course this summer, open to any current Level 1 coach.

Course Dates: Saturday 16th June – Sunday 17th June, Saturday 30th June – Sunday 1st July, Saturday 28th July – Sunday 29th July.

Assessment Date: Sunday 25th November

Location: Montsaye Academy, Greening Road, Rothwell, Northants, NN14 6BB

Cost: £390

More information can be found at, or by emailing

Longbow & Barebow Rankings League

To compliment the Archery GB ranking system and make the season a bit more exciting, Barry Du-Crow, Paul Gregory and Nick Hayball from Southampton AC have created a Longbow and Barebow League. Jon Nott of Archery GB is supporting this league, expressing a desire to increase the number of competing longbow archers.

Through sponsorship by The Longbow Shop and The Archery Shop, trophies and 2nd and third place medals will be awarded in the following categories: GMB, MB, Bowmen and below, for both Gents and Ladies and Longbow and Barebow. In addition, the Barebow trophy winners will receive £30 archery shop vouchers sponsored by


The current rankings may be found at

The required rounds to gain a ranking and league position are: 2 WA720 rounds, 2 WA1440 rounds and 1 York/Hereford round, as appropriate. These must be record status tournaments.

The results will be entered from published scores, and there will be a page on the Archery GB website for archers to submit scores throughout the season, which will be entered provisionally until the tournament results are published.


BCAA Coaching

Coaching within Bedfordshire County Archery Association
We are very lucky in Bedfordshire that as well as the County Coaching Group, the county also has within its borders a centre that hosts regional and national initiatives to improve archers and help them along the Archery GB performance pathway. This page describes at a high level the initiatives that coaches are involved with at the various levels.
Clubs within the county will provide beginner courses for those interested in archery and will then often provide follow on coaching for those that wish to proceed further. Across the county there is a variety of coaching available (covering different technical depth, different bow styles and different competition formats). Archers are encouraged to discuss the availability of coaching within a club with the club secretary as they decide which club to join. If the level of coaching desired is not available in the club you have chosen then you are welcome to contact the County (see below) to see if there are any other options available to you.
The County Coaching Group undertake many activities to support both coaches and archers within the county. As well as assisting with the initiatives described above the Coaching Group also provide the following
A contact point for anyone seeking details about how to improve their archery
Support for coaches by providing continuous professional development sessions, usually every two months
Support for the county team by providing monthly group sessions
Support for individual archers by attempting to match them with coaches who can help them develop
For more details on any of these matters please contact the County Coaching Office (Helen Horner).
The Southern Counties Archery Association (SCAS) started an initiative in 2014 to support junior archers seeking to bridge the gap between club coaching and the level of commitment expected when on the performance pathway. This takes the form of a monthly session where juniors are introduced to the training and practice techniques that will be used on the performance pathway but in a more relaxed and informal setting than the ATCs.
The sessions held in our area are open to all juniors from their beginner course onwards and are an excellent way to discover if the performance pathway is the right coaching approach for an individual at that time. Sessions are held most months and are run by Gaynor Hutchison at Aim4Sport. Further details can be found on their website.
The Archery GB Archery Training Centres ( are designed to allow archers from all backgrounds and ages to experience elite coaching and what it takes to become an elite archer. They are run by coaches on the Archery GB talent programme and is supported by local coaches providing coaching that is aligned with the performance pathway. This helps support those who are already on the pathway with additional coaching opportunities as well as raising up those who wish to take this approach to improving and realising their potential.
Coaching sessions are held most months and the centre for our area is run by Gaynor Hutchison at Aim4Sport. Further details can be found on their website.


For all Enquires to the county coaching group please contact

Flight Records Fall for Peperstock

Sincere congratulations to Tony Osborne of Pepperstock who has achieved an unbelievable 3 records at the 2017 National Flight Championships at Leeds Airport (East)….an amazing achievement for a superb Gentleman of the sport