Getting into Archery!

Ah man I wish I did archery! What type of Bow does Katniss/Green arrow have? I want to be Hawkeye/Merida! I Think I should take up a sport? I need to prepare for the apocalypse! I could do with a sport for DoE! I want to meet some fun outdoorsy people.

What ever you reasons for taking the first step into the world of archery is welcome to our passion, we look forward seeing you become part of a highly enjoyable sport. Bedforshire County Archery Association (BCAA) is the home of everything in the county regarding archery. From the county shoots to the beginners courses you’ll find it all here.

Now on that note, beginners courses, to take part in archery we do need to teach you some basics. How to shoot safely and efficiently, where you take it from there is up to you. Will you push for the county team? or do you just want to turn up to you club and enjoy yourself, all are welcome.


What can I expect from my beginners course?

Firstly we will teach to you how to shoot, with the basic “T-Draw” for both sighted and unsighted (barebow) recurve. you will be taught how to draw, avoid injury, score and assembly your own bow.

Ok that’s a lot of terminology what is “T-Draw”, recurve, sighted and barebow?

t-draw will be covered on your beginners course, quickly it is tan efficient way to draw the bow using the correct muscle groups

Recruve is a style of bow, look to the Olympics for help here, every bow shot there is a sighted recruve bow.

Barebow look at the Olympics here again, remove all the fancy bits on the bow and you get a barebow, think Katniss/Hawkeye.

But wait I don’t want to shoot a recurve bow? I want to shoot something else?

All beginners courses are taught on a recurve bow for the reason that it’s the most transferable as well as easiest to pick up! If you can’t shoot a recurve basics, you wont be able to shoot something else (check the club you are joining is able to teach the style you want to shoot first)

Sounds great, sooo how much is it?

It will vary a fair bit. Best check out the club pages to get an idea of how much each club charges, it isn’t universal as every club has different hall/grounds rates.

If i do my course at XXX can I join another club?

YES! Most clubs will provide a certificate that you can take to another club if you plan on joining them (you might need to ask the club for one) It is however recommended you do the course with the club you want to join, that way you get a feel for what the club is like.

WAIT Do I need to get my own kit as well?

No, clubs tend to provide kit for the beginners course so you don’t have to buy a bow for them. Some clubs will then operate a kit rental cost or let you use the club kit for free, this is club dependent.

Great all signed up with my local club! Anything else I should know?

Competitions, once you have joined a club and payed your membership you will be given an insurance card, this card insures you to compete and shoot at any Archerygb insured range in the UK! (you will have to pay for competitions, if you want to shoot at another venue on outside of competitions you will need to contact the club regarding range fees)